Automatic Rewinding Device For Blown Film Machine
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Film width




Rewind way

Automatic wind

Automatic wind

Automatic wind


Model name

Auto winder of plastic film blowing machine/ blown film machine

Rewinder ways

Automatic winder unit

Final product



HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE ,BIO,Bio-degradable plastic Film compostable, corn starch, recycled material, CaCO3 compound,
masterbatch and additives

Output range

Depends on extruder size

Delivery time



1 year

Technical assistance

Engineers are available to service machines oversea

Film blowing machine provides a good solution for economic but good quality film. Suitable for general packaging products such as T-shirt bags, supermarket bags, flat bags and many others.

The ABA multilayer blown film machine is conbined with two extruders, so it could blow different thickness film by adjusting two screw sizes. For example, 55mm and 45mm screw for T-shirt bags film, while garbage bag film is usually use 55mm and 65mm screw.

The ABA multilayer blown film machine is mostly used to reduce the raw material cost and improve the film strength.

Our customers from some area like China Mainland, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, have already updated with the ABA multilayer blown film machine from single screw extruder machine in order to keep themselves more competitive. Other areas in Turkey, Malaysia are always paying high attention to our ABA multilayer blown film machine.

Though Silstar’s main customers in Vietnam has purchased over 250 sets sigle screw film blowing machines and 20 sets ABA double screw blown film machines at the past 12 years, they still planning to update with ABA multilayer blown film machine continually, since the labour cost was grew significatly during these years. By the year of 2018, Silstar has already installed ABA multilayer blown film machine about 40 sets in Vietnam.

Customized machines

The automatic winding unit can be upgraded to reduce labor costs and to fully automatic depending on the producer.
  • Double winding unit
  • Masterbatch Dosing device can be added
  • Rotary die unit can be added
  • Autoloader
Automatic winding unit can be upgraded to reduce the labor cost and to fully automatic,it is optional device.

Now customers like to use automatically machine to improve efficiency,in order to get more output, this auto winder is very good choose for the plastic bag manufacturer who has high production.

Besides the traditional manul rewinding device on blown film machine, Silstar also give the option of automatic rewinding device to customers.

This automatic rewingding device could handle those wide and heavy roller(for example over 1600mm width, 100kgs weight), and the film length could be cut in a specific length.
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