Food Packing Bag
Aug 19, 2020

Food packing bag is also called fresh food bag, grocery bag, vegetable bag and plastic produce bag,etc. which are mostly made from PE material, with core and on roll styles, and mainly used to pack various types of foods. It is widely used in the supermarket, grocery store for packing fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, and bulk snacks. Of course, it is also used for food packing and food preservation in fridge at home.

Besides, there is another food packing bag made of PP material, requires high transparency. It is generally used to contain bread, baken food, candy and other small gifts.

Nowdays, with the food packing bag made of bio-degradable material are getting more and more popular, Silstar Machinery’ food packing bag making machine are all be optimized to make bio-degradable food packing bag.

Silstar Machinery has been provided great amount of plastic bag maker with high quality plastic produce bag making machines continuously for years. These machines which made in different years are all performed well and running stably. And they helped plastic bag makers getting numerous of purchase orders from their big local  household company year by year.

Compared to other manufacturers’ design, the sealing and perforating procedures of Silstar Machinery’s high speed star seal bag on roll making machine were well reformed to avoid the distortion problem caused by the excessive tension.

It’s automatic rewinding system was being designed to double line and could work, turn-up, change rolls seperately. Due to this design, one line could keeps working without any disturbance even if film snapped or roll changing.

Meanwhile, this design is very useful for plastic bag maker who want produce different material, size and roll number on two lines. Generally, this design improves productivity and machine utilization.
Machines can make plastic produce bag:
  • High speed withcore flat bag on roll making machine
  • Semi-automatic star seal perforated bag on roll
  • Automatic perforated flat bag on roll making machine
  • Semi-automatic perforated T-shirt bag on roll making machine
  • Multi-line bottom seal bag making machine
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