Participate In The 3rd Tongcheng Plastic Packaging Machinery Fair
Participate In The 3rd Tongcheng Plastic Packaging Machinery Fair
Jun 11, 2019
In the autumn of October, we came to Tongcheng, Anhui, the hometown of plastics in China, to participate in the 3rd Tongcheng Plastic Packaging Machinery Fair.
This time our company exhibited the latest star seal vest bag making machine and high speed screw film blowing machine. According to market research before the exhibition, it is learned that domestic consumers have always had a great demand for star seal garbage bags, especially star seal vest bags have gradually become popular in the past two years.

Sure enough, there was a steady stream of customers who came to the booth for inquiry. On the first day of the exhibition, the customers had the intention, and they wanted to place an order to buy an exhibition prototype!

Several issues most concerned by customers on the two machines:

  • Q: Does the output of this 45 screw film blowing machine reach 80 kg per hour as claimed?

    A: The output is indeed achieved, and it is still a conservative estimate. At that time, the main frequency of the machine was set to 15 Hz per second, and the film blowing time was 1 hour. The weight of the blown film was 33 kg (50 cm in width and 0.009 mm in thickness). If the host frequency is turned on to about 36 Hz per second, you can get 80 kg per hour.

  • Q: Why can your film blowing machine achieve such a high output, and the film surface is bright and clean, the thickness of the film is consistent, and the flatness is high?

    A: Because we use:
    1. High-speed screw with an ratio of 30: 1, speed is than 100 meters per minute.
    2. Use Taiwan die to improve the stability of film blowing.
    3. High-quality three-outlet wind ring with fast cooling speed and greatly improved bubble stability.
    4. Using silent fans to reduce machine noise effectively.
    5.The servo motor control is used on the traction frame. Unlike the conventional cycloidal pin-wheel motor control, would cause the film thickness uneven and the quality control unstable.

  • Q: What are the features of this vest trash bag making machine?

    A: This bag making machine is the star seal vest bag making machine in 2019. The machine comes with a high level of automation, fully automatic winding, flat bag & vest bag production, dual-use production, the highest stable output reached 300 double-line per minute.

    This model combines all the current high-end configurations and the latest functions on the market, including the host & unwinder & rewinder one-button speed regulation, independent rewinder on left and right side, electric-motor unwinder, unwinder dual storage rack, unwinder and rewinder with additional motor traction, automatic film clamping when film snapped, EPC added before rewinder, and all rubber rollers are equipped with protective covers.

  • If want to know more about these two machines, please contact us!

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