Resealable Bag
Aug 19, 2020

Plastic self-sealing bag could be classify to two types, such as PE and PP material made, with sticky bar ; And PVC material made, resealable ziplock bag. Silstar Machinery’s self-sealing bag making machine mainly produce disposal self-sealing bags with sticky bar.

Self-sealing bag making machines are usually applied in the production of express bag, garment bag, baken food bag, and gift bag. It is quite different from how the normal plastic bag being produced. Self-sealing bag’s film need to be slitted on the side, then paste the sticky bar, and finally make it to be plastic bag.

Compared to garbage bag and food packing bag, self-sealing bag. Though the machine update speed is not very fast, Silstar Machinery are experienced in manufacturing self-sealing bag making machine.
Machines can make resealable bags:
  • Side seal heat cut bag making machine
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