Shopping Bag
Aug 19, 2020

Shopping bag are usually plastic t-shirt bags or die cut bags. Because of it has handles, and easy to buy and carry, it is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls etcetera.

T-shirt bag are classify to single t-shirt bag and t-shirt bag on roll. Single t-shirt bag can be made to very big size and thickness, so that could contian lots of goods. While t-shirt bag on roll and die cut bag are generally used to pack small articles which are not valuable. Generally, t-shirt bag on roll has paper cores indise, it can be put on the shaft, and people can tear the bag off when need.

As t-shirt bag are used very often and caused serious pollution problems when disposed after using. Some contries in Mid-east and South Asia have issued severely plastic bag ban, which forced plastic bag maker to find alternative bag making machines, which can use bio-degradable materials. And Silstar Machinery developped bio-degradable t-shirt bag making machines promptly, and were being well acknowledged and reputations.

T-shirt bag on roll making machines are one of the best selling machines amoung the products of Silstar Machinery. Machines are designed compact but speed can reach at 300 pieces bag per minute, and prices are good. The most important thing is that it can be able to add the auto change roll system, it is really good choice for plastic bag maker who want to save the labour cost.
Machines can make shopping bags:
  • Heat seal heat cut T-shirt shopping bag making machine
  • Heat seal cold cut shopping bag making machine
  • Automatic perforated flat bag on roll making machine
  • Semi-automatic perforated T-shirt bag on roll making machine
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