Special Purpose Bag
Aug 19, 2020

Besides using PE to make regular plastic bags, we also can use it to make varity types of plastic film products. Such as plastic glove, plastic apron, ice cube bag, air cushion bag(reduce vibration in parcel), and the four fold bag specialized for donational bags.

As Silstar Machinery has devoted to manufacturing plastic bag making equipment for many years, it gained great number of customers. To solve customers’ various kinds of needs, it developed many speical machines like plastic glove machine, plastic apron machine, ice cube bag machine, air cushion bag machine and donation bag machine etcetera.

According to feedback from customers, and technology innovation, after have updated through generations, finnaly become the machine with novel technologies and stable performance.
Machines can make special purpose bags:
  • Ice cube perforated bag on roll making machine
  • Plastic apron on roll making machine
  • Air Cushion bag on roll making machine
  • Single ice cube bag making machine
  • Four fold charity donation bag making machine
  • PE Plastic glove making machine
  • Bio-Plastic glove making machine
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